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Project Name
Lavation Studio

Project Summary
Lavation Studio needed a logo and a website to launch their new fitness concept business. They wanted a design with energy and strength yet a nod to the laundromat that occupied the location previously.

Project Problem
The owner of Lavation created his own system of group classes for both cycling and high intensity interval training. This type of group classes is new and he needed to attract clients that are into high-performance fitness and wanted to try a new type of workout. We needed to create a visual brand and identity that had the strength and energy of his new system. He also wanted a bit of legacy by adding a nod to the the family-owned laundromat that previously occupied the location.

Fitness Website Design Services

  • Fitness logo design
  • Fitness website design
  • WordPress rebranding and design
  • Zingfit integration
  • Email newsletter integration

Project Solution
We created a visual brand that used bold and energetic colors and that invoked forward movement and the intensity of sweating it out. We created an impactful yet simple logotype in contrasting red and black. Then we created a responsive website that educated people on how the group classes worked by integrating an extensive FAQ section. And we made it simple for people to sign up for classes using a third party reservation system, Zingfit.