Sakura Haru Jewerly

Branding & Identity for Jeweler

Project Name
Sakura Haru Jewelry

My business cards came in! I LOVE them! Your design with fine lines and colors are perfect!!!

Sakura Haru

Jeweler, Sakura Haru Jewerly

Project Summary
To create a stunning visual identity to a rising-star jeweler.

Project Need
Sakura’s jewelry is organic and stunning with beautiful geometric shapes, curated gem stones and the finest metals. She needed a logo that would reflect her jewelry and would work on everything from trade show signs to tiny jewelry stamps and labels.

Project Solution
Sakura’s name is a special pink cherry blossom that blooms in the spring with five dainty petals. We took the literal meaning of her name and used a 5-sided pentagon to create a 5-petaled flower in a light and airy geometric shape. We then paired balanced typography for her business name alongside the icon.