Project Name
Schmidt Real Estate LP

Project Goals
SRELP is a multi-generational property management business that needed a fresh look. The client wanted to honor the properties that they managed so we created a wordle icon in the shape of an S using the streets on which the properties reside.

Project Solution
We needed several versions of the wordle icon, one for the outdoor signs that had full detail and one for print for use on invoices and business cards that needed much less detail. The client also wanted ultra luxury business cards. These cards are so delux that they are created using two types of printing, offset printing to print the swath of black on one side, then letterpress on the otherside. The two “sides” are actually different pieces of paper that then needed to be bound and the icing on the cake is the silver edging hand painted on the cards. A true, hand-crafted masterpiece.


  • Logo & identity design
  • Letterpress business cards
  • Environtmental graphics

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