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Tree of Life Health Advocates

Project Summary
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Project Problem
Tree of Life Health Advocates came to Flair to create their visual brand identity and website to launch their new business. The field of health advocacy is an emerging field that helps people navigate the complex health insurance industry. Tree of Life’s biggest hurdle is educating people on the services they offer and how they can help people in urgent life-changing situations. So they needed a visual design that was trustworthy and nurturing.

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  • Brand and Identity Design
  • Web planning and organization
  • WordPress rebranding and design
  • Blog strategy
  • Video pop up
  • Email newsletter integration
  • Print ads
  • Letterpress business cards

Project Solution
We spent a great amount of time in research phase and spent time with the client truly understanding their business and the value they added to their clients. We needed to understand the types of clients that would best benefit from Ruth’s consults and what kind of reassurances they needed before taking the pioneering step of hiring her. But the patients and families of those patients she was able to often times help those families – save thousands of dollars, – get second opinions, – get experimental treatments, – loose stress that they are not handling it alone, and – gain hope The visual result was one of our favorite logos, a beautiful geometric tree that looks like a labyrinth. This visual core was the root of the rest of her marketing collateral.