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I am much more marketable and have more than doubled my mailing list since my new site launched. It is so much faster to just email a link to my intake paperwork and not have to upload and type out the info every time. Having my client resource section with all of my hand outs and other info has also saved me a lot of time and is much easier on my clients. Also you suggested Instagram and a Facebook group for me the first time we spoke and I am so glad you did! I just started Instagram and don’t have many posts but I already got two clients from it. And I stated a Facebook group a month ago and have over 800 people in it. I really can’t thank you enough for all the great work you did and how you really went the extra mile for me.


Nutrition Consultant, Vital Nutrition Services

Project Summary
Stacy came to us wanting to grow her nutritionist business. She had a website and she had a logo but she really wanted something fresh and new that would give her the push to really market herself. She already had great recipes on a blogger.com site and she already had a good base of clients but she wanted to go bigger by growing her list, getting her recipes more visibility and really streamlining her process for existing clients.


  • Logo refresh
  • WordPress Web Design
  • Recipe Blog
  • Lead Magnet
  • HTML Email Design
  • Client Portal
  • Marketing Consultation

Project Solution
We put together a solution for her that included a new website with a private client portal for her existing clients, and a recipe blog for everyone. We were able to grow her list by creating a lead magnet that encouraged people to sign up for her newsletter through a gift of an anti-inflammatory shopping list curated by Stacy. We refreshed her logo and created marketing collateral around her new visual identity including an HTML email template. We also consulted with her on marketing strategies on how to gain more visibility on social media. The beauty of this all is that Stacy took all of our suggestions and hit the ground running with promoting herself. This was an ideal project working for an ideal client with great aspirations for herself and the willingness to get the work done!