Ah, so you see it’s been a long while since I wrote that last post on Putting Yourself First… almost 2 months since that post. And have I worked on this site since? No. Why is it so difficult to work on your own site. Again, it is after work hours and I am getting to working on this site, slowly adding portfolio items.

So, my 30-day commitment didn’t even last 6 days!

Today I worked with a client who I hadn’t seen in a few months as well. She’s in the same boat as me. She is paralyzed in completing her website. I see it all the time! There are many people, me included, who can help others, but when it comes to helping themselves, it’s like pulling teeth. She was sharing her feelings with me, how she was frustrated, didn’t think anything was right, going into circles of if-thens. I assured her I understood her completely and to be kind to herself and to not beat herself up.

But in the last few months, I can’t say that all has been lost. Things have been going well here at Flair. We are busy with many client projects and I have recently started working with a brilliant social media expert who is holding me accountable for completing this website. And I recently got head shots from another brilliant creative. She’ll return my head shots in 7 days and when I get them, I’ll finish the about us page!

So here’s my update. Thank you in advance for your patience and understanding!