Hi Everyone! Well, my little break of a week expanded into an almost 2-week break. Oh my. My week in NYC playing full-time professional musician was fantastic. Our shows were well received and so much fun. I also got to catch up with many old friends whom I haven’t seen in years. Alas, all my running around led me to catch a nasty icky bug, the second illness I caught this 2013! I hear that people are catching bugs a few more times than in normal years this year. I digress, but that’s my excuse for not getting back to my commitment sooner.

On a roll

Screen Shot 2013-03-27 at 10.06.26 PMBy the time I finally made time for myself to work on the site, it was already 7:30pm! So much for putting myself first. But regardless, I made great progress today! I completed a full content-based page, the Web Design Services page. Woo hoo. I decided to write my content directly into the website…no need for word documents, planning, etc. But if you’re reading this and there are errors in grammar, etc…oh well, what can I say?

I just wrote and before you know it, it’s almost 10:30, and in 3 hours I completed:

  • Writing and designing the page Web Design and Development Services
  • Set up my mailchimp account and create a list for which people can sign up for the newsletter
  • Set up a new slider image and styled the home page slider text
  • Added a few more portfolio items
  • Wrote this blog!

Putting Yourself First

I need to recommit to this project, let alone recommit to myself. I was really hoping to finish this project by the end of this month which is in a few short days. I do not know how I will do this so we shall see. But really to commit to myself I have to remember to put myself first. I think this is something to which we all can relate. Usually when I start my workday I start with checking emails to see what my clients need. I think I need to shuffle my schedule and start with my work first. The work that will grow my business. Such as working on my website so that I can leverage my successes and finally show everyone FLAIR’s true capabilities.

So, tomorrow, people, check back with me and find out if I have indeed put myself first. If I can even spare the first work hour tomorrow to working on my own projects, it will be a great and miraculous day!

Put yourself first tomorrow. Work on a project that brings you joy for yourself before you work for someone else. Thanks everyone!

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