Brick + Mortar

Website and Brand Design Projects

Savvy BRICK + MORTAR shops/restaurants that bring local POP not just mom and pop know that a memorable and trustworthy brand allows customers to make an emotional connection with your shop.

  • Be easily found on a number of online directories and maps
  • Quickly provide current information on location, hours, and latest news
  • Socially active to continue to attract new and regular customers on an ongoing basis
  • Responsive to online comments and reviews to keep dialogs open with the public
  • Spread their brand story that allows customers to create an emotional relationship with your product that keeps them coming back for more

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Since 2004, we've been designing websites and brands for organizations in the San Francisco Bay Area, Honolulu & beyond. We are grateful for the abundant opportunities to co-create with our customers and honored to watch their organizations flourish.

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