If you have ever been fortunate enough to eat at Bar Crudo in San Francisco, then you must try the sister restaurant in Guernville called Seaside Metal. Owned by twin brothers Tim and Mike Selvera, they have built a mini seafood and beer empire with their restaurants. Their food is fresh and inventive and they are known across SF to be a wonderful resource to craft beers and fine wine. Beer pairing anyone? On top of that, Bar Crudo is the magnet to the wonderful restaurants and shops that have opened on the Divisadero corridor since Bar Crudo first moved to Divisadero. Oh and I bet ya, Nopa must have borrowed their uni avocado toast from Bar Crudo’s menu. Just saying.

Tim way back during the first dot com as we worked at a now defunct startup. After I got laid off during the bust of 2001, I worked at another tech company doing drudge work then I happily quit to start Flair Designs. During that time Tim and I kept running into each other. When he and his brother first opened Bar Crudo,  next to the Tunnel Top, (was it in 2005? 2006?) Flair was a new business and it was an honor to build their very first website.

Bar Crudo 2006 Website Design by Flair Designs

Throw back 2006. Retro website from Flair Designs for Bar Crudo

Restaurant Website Design

Fast forward to 2015, Tim desperately needed a new website for Seaside Metal in Guernville. I was delighted to be able to work with Tim again to create a modern website that reflected their modern take on seafood and oysters. We created a one-page responsive website that looks great on mobile so people could easily make reservations on the go while looking at their sample menu and whetting their appetite with delectable photos!
Now that Mike had a fancy new restaurant website design, Tim couldn’t be left in the dust so he got started on a matching website for Bar Crudo.  We modeled the same one page website structure that is responsive and mobile friendly. But we updated the visual brand to have that urban sophisticated feel that Bar Crudo emulates. Taking textures from the beautiful murals that surround you while you’re dining in the restaurant and complete with online reservations, gift certificate purchasing options and event listings so you know when that next beer paring dinner is coming up.
Who’s in for oysters and uni toast!?