As a web designer, my clients often come to me asking for a good web hosting solutions. I set up new hosting plans for my clients all the time, about 50 a year. But no longer am I referring GoDaddy to my clients for their web hosting needs. Let me tell you why…

I used to recommend GoDaddy regularly as I appreciated their tech support and comprehensive service offerings. With me holding my client’s hands, I was sure to steer them away from

  • unneeded services that GoDaddy constantly pushes
  • overpaying via early hosting and domain renewals
  • scary technical jargon used by support pushes people to unwittingly upgrade

If you knew what you were doing, you could easily avoid the above pitfalls, but from my conversation with a tech support agent today, I truly see how GoDaddy is a subpar hosting provider aiming to extort every single penny they can get from unsuspecting clients.

I called this morning because my client’s site went down, no errors, no cues as to why. When I got on the phone with an agent to inquire about the shared server status on which my client’s site lives, he assured me that the server had no problems and the that he would check my site.

More reliable, more compatible with WordPress

Upon returning, the agent informed me that it must be the WordPress install itself for causing the outages. And that since it’s running WordPress I might consider upgrading to their newest servers which run WordPress better, which are according to the agent “more reliable, more compatible with WordPress.” I inquired about getting the server upgraded and was notified that this would cost $79.99 to migrate from our existing server to the new one plus the new cost of this monthly subscription.

Ah! Well, this client has been a GoDaddy customer for over 2 years and it was quite a shock to learn that in order to upgrade to a service so that our site could work correctly on their servers was going to cost us. He told me that “if you have been driving a car for a few years and wanted a new one, would we expect the car dealership to give us a new car for free” Wow!

I continued to inform the agent that we’ve been long-time customers and that for a SUBSCRIPTION-based service that we are continuously paying for service and our service should be up-to-date. Similarly to other cloud-based subscription services such as Dropbox, Adobe Cloud Suite, Quickbooks Online, Bidsketch and the slew of other subscriptions through which I run my business, when their service upgrades, I, as a monthly subscriber also get an upgrade. I expect my services to be working at the best it can be.

If you are a GoDaddy customer

Apparently if you pay for hosting with GoDaddy, you will not get the best service for which you are paying. If you are a GoDaddy customer you will:

  • Penalized for being a long-time customer by not having the latest technology on your hosting account
  • Be forced to pay more so that your service will work properly when it was working well before
  • Will be blamed that it is your site, not their servers that are causing outages and slow load times – even though GoDaddy has admitted that their current servers are less reliable
  • Will be extorted to pay more if you do not your rights and web jargon

Goodbye GoDaddy

So, goodbye GoDaddy, you will not have any more referrals from me and I will encourage my existing GoDaddy clients to migrate to other hosting companies. You have only proven to me over and over that you do not have good business practices and provide sub-par hosting services.

Update on March 20, 2015

So, I have an old hosting account that I host a e-commerce WordPress site. This is my own website. I built it, I designed it, everything up to par. Yet for what ever reason, this is my only site that consistently crashes and doesn’t load for others, instead showing the white screen of horror on load. And the only site that I manage for my businesses on GoDaddy. I contacted GoDaddy technical support and went through the phone tree to select help with WordPress. Yes, wordpress is not create by GoDaddy. And while I have already troubleshot all my updates, plugins, etc. I can’t find anything different about this site except that it’s hosted on GoDaddy. Tech support lovingly told me that they

  1. Don’t support wordpress as it’s not created by them (so why is there a phone tree option to get help for WordPress?)
  2. Looks like my shared economy hosting package isn’t ideal for WordPress installations, would you like to upgrade? (Wow, so a service that used to work a while back is no longer optimal for the original intentions. Why allow people to install WordPress using your one-click install on economy shared hosting if WP won’t work on it?)

Again, I’m so disappointed with GoDaddy. As soon as I can figure out this issue I’m moving this site off of their hosting and being done with GoDaddy for my projects for good.